Why is it always the Pleiades?

“Personally I think the Pleiades is over-rated. It seems everybody comes from there these days.”Len Varley

Just recently a friend of a friend confided in me, during a moment of “quiet mystical revelation”. Taking on the wise and all-knowing countenance of the new-age mystic, she drew a deep centering breath, presumably intended to connect with the “other side” before gazing deeply into my eyes with theatrical pause. This stereotypical new-age look usually tells me that they are about to dramatically reveal a pearl of deeper wisdom from the wellspring of universal knowledge to which they believe are uniquely connected.

Sure enough, she proceeded to confide in me solemnly and conspiratorially her recent discovery — that she was in fact from the Pleiades star cluster and had spent many lifetimes here on planet Earth, of her own volition. Taking me into her confidence this way, her grandiose revelation left me with many thoughts and wild images running through my mind. Firstly, how does one actually simply stumble upon the discovery that they are from another planet? And why the hell is it always Pleiades?

“Officer I was abducted by aliens from the Pleiades who told me they were my family. No, it was most definitely the Pleiades….their spacecraft had out-of-state licence plates and a Pleiadean bumper sticker.”

Or perhaps they are innocent victims of happenstance casually going about their seemingly human lives quietly — doing crosswords, watching ‘The Price Is Right” and hanging out washing. Until one fine summer’s day, returning from the supermarket with the week’s groceries; they are confronted with their elderly parents sitting waiting on their lounge; sipping nervous cups of tea with that “we have something serious to tell you” look, as only parents can effect.

“Darling, your father and I have wanted to say something to you for such a long time. Now you know that we love you dearly child but…oh my goodness…this is so hard to say, help me George”.

“My dear what your mother is trying to say is that…now look here, I think you know that you’re different, you always have known. Remember what they always called you in school? It wasn’t just because of your red hair. Look…the thing is you are not from here…you’re Pleiadean”.

Just like that, rather like being told you have just won first division Lotto: “Congratulations, you are Pleiadean! Well done — hopefully this should explain a few things.

Raise your hand if you are one of those people who have a well-connected new-age mystic friend in your life claiming Pleiadean heritage! In all seriousness though, please do not take my earlier humorous observation to be meant as derision. Far from it. The fact is that this phenomena is widespread. What causes humans to act this way? Is it attention seeking? Sometimes.

Perhaps the reason that we conjure and dream such grandiose things is simply to feel like we matter. We want to know why the hell we feel the way we do. We want to know who exactly we are. What is our reason and our purpose? What the heck is all this about?

Well feel an innate desire to know that all of this is worth something. That we are worth something. That as a person we are unique or special, or valued. To a greater or lesser extent, we all earnestly seek out the consolation of relevance.

Personally I think the Pleiades is over-rated. It seems everybody comes from there these days.



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